<--Here is the progress thus far-->

The house when we bought it(3/20/2005):


After demolition(9/26/2005):


Clean Lot(9/29/2005): i


Fill Dirt(10/10/2005):


Forms and Plumbing(10/29/2005):


Trenches and Post-Tension Cables(11/15/2005):


Concrete being poured - 75 yards in piers and 100 yards in the foundation(11/28/2005):


Framing going up(12/2/2005):


More framing(12/3/2005):


Decked out(12/22/2005):


Some internal framing shots(12/23/2005):



The roof is done(1/5/2006):



Tyvek, Windows, Sheetrock, "Tape and Bed", Texture, Wood Flooring, Stairs, Cabinets, Wrought Iron, Garage Doors=Done!  Stone and brick is starting to go on  (3/12/2006)


Foyer and Study (4/14/2006)



Exterior (4/17/2006)



Various Interior and Exterior (4/23/2006)



Interior - Kitchen/Master (4/23/2006)

More to come...